Selected Projects (2005—2014)

H.M.D.A.M., 2016
H.M.D.A.M., view from the exhibition "Che Valore ha un Sogno" NOSADELLA.DUE, Bologna, Italy,2016
H.M.D.A.M., Nosadella.due, Bologna, Italy,2016



[Plates in aluminium]

I was asked to think of a work for the exhibition "Che valore ha un sogno? (What value does a dream have?)" at the residency Nosadella.due in Bologna, the curator told me that she was going to sell her apartment and location of the residency. Sometimes, I slept there, after hosting long dinners - conversations, and one of those nights, I received a call from my brother, who told me that my father had been taken to hospital at it was a matter of life and death. I was far from home, and it was too late to take a train to reach them. Thus, I passed the whole night without knowing if I would have the chance to speak to my father for the last time. Suddenly, the room where I was staying became a cage and the phrase my brother told me started to haunt me for all the night: “he might die at any moment”. This happened in 2014, but every time I went back to the residency, I couldn’t enter that room without feeling that same heavy emotions and powerlessness. That small space held an important personal memory, and for this reason, I decided to disclose it by positioning a steel plate on the bed where I slept, with the same sentence that remained suspended in the room inscribed on it. The work H.M.D.A.M. is made of two separate steal plates, one thinner on the surface and where the words where dig out by the laser on the steal, and below this another thicker plate of steel. Between them, 6 magnets in balls magnets in balls 0,2 cm apart in order to let create a shadow of the empty words on the thicker plate. On that specific occasion, being the last show of the residency after 10 years, and the last time that the apartment was accessible for arts events, many people saw in the precariousness of a life a metaphor for any non-profit art space, especially those made by artist’s communities.