Selected Projects (2005—2014)

Eva Frapiccini / still from the movie "The Ball", 2010
Eva Frapiccini / still from the video "In the Crow's Economy", 2010
Eva Frapiccini / Still from the video "Derryland", 2013


2010 / 2013 video

The Ball

[2'57'' Video 16:9, Belfast (UK)]

Shankill Road is the arterial road leading through a predominantly Protestant working class area of Belfast, known as Shankill. The Shankill is separated from the neighbouring Catholic, nationalist, Falls Road area, by the peace lines. The areas are marked by many flags and wall paintings showing loyalist victims and catholic victims.

In the Crow's Economy

[3' 20'' Video 16:9, Belfast (UK)]

An August Sunday morning like many others in an European city like many, a crow challenges a well-fed gull to a duel, the prize a desirable empty fish and chips box. It's 11 a.m., the university area in Belfast is deserted, the few students who are still in town probably are still asleep in their rooms, sleeping through their hangovers.


[9 minutes, Video 16:9, Derry-Londonderry (UK)]

Derryland in the early 70’s Derry/Londonderry was militarized and there was widespread civil unrest. Several districts in the city constructed barricades to control access and prevent the forces of the state from entering. Violence eased towards the end of the “Troubles” in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Violence eased towards the end of the Troubles in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the time looks like frozen and the city’s leaving in a feeling of tightness.